Our Founders

bill and charlie

In 1959 with nothing but my last two weeks pay from The Hotpoint Company, Charlie and I decided to open our own service business in my hometown of Cherry Valley Illinois.

Our plan was for me to run as many $5.00 service calls a day fixing every thing I could from Appliances to Black and White TV’s.  Also in my shop I would fix radios, toasters and other small appliances.

My wife Charlie would do the bookkeeping, make the bank deposits, and keep the records for tax time. 

The first few months were a little lean but the more I serviced, the more people wanted to buy from me. So I set up a small account with my old company Hotpoint and started delivering new appliances to my customers,
This led to creating  retail space in my building for display.
We lived above the store and raised our children there.
First, we added  Zenith and then RCA TV’s. When the first Color TV’s  were introduced we sold them and the rest is history!


Our business grew to 10 stores in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin with 81 employees. We became the major Appliance and TV retailer in our area, by selling all the Major Brands.

Our advertising slogan was Drive A Little , Save A Lot And Get Good Service Too,
At Bill “Service” Fishers.

That’s The Fisher Way.

In the early 60’s the TV stations were just getting started and everything was broadcast in black and white.
Back then our homes  had only small 10 inch TV’s. We purchased lots of TV time and started to write direct and announce our own commercials. First I did the “spots”. When my Brother, John, came aboard he helped announce them too.
The more we advertised the bigger we grew. We did many “spots” that included our whole family. My mother and father also participated. All our children were featured and did announcing  too.

Daughter Kim then became the spokesperson for Fishers.

Even today, customers still remember Kim from the past TV commercials.

We always still hear from customers”. We watched Kim grow up on TV”. 

Kim did all of our radio and TV spots for many years.

Now Kim does ad’s for her other clients.
Below is a recent spot for K and H exteriors.

Fishers Appliance and TV, grew from one store in Downtown Cherry Valley to Ten Stores in Illinois and Wisconsin, from 1959—1999.  Forty years, what a fantastic run.

We are still in business 56 years later providing repair service only from our Machesney Park location

Below is our first store in downtown Cherry Valley. 

Below is our company airplane. A six seat Piper Saratoga that I flew to all the conventions and group buying  meetings. Most meeting  were either in Las Vegas or Phoenix. and many times I would fly the whole family,  pick up another dealer or even a sales rep to mix business with pleasure.



 I want to thank all our fine and loyal Customers for allowing our company to serve them.

Thank You All.

Bill Fisher

Bill Fisher

I Love My Country
I Trust In God
I’m Proud To Be an American
A Republican
A Shriner

Celebrating— 56—Great years
Serving Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin
with the finest
Appliance, TV, Computer & Electronics Service.

That’s The Fisher Way!

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